Blind Bags
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Blind Bags

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Have a little fun with our new BLIND BAGS! Choose either 1, 2 or 3 items and be completely surprised with what you get!!

All you do is pick your size!!!

You may receive a tank or tee,
It might be blue, pink or even green,
Pick one, two or be brave and get three,
Poems are hard. No returns.
That was my attempt at a poem. HA! So here is the deal... I have a TON of old stock I need to clear out and have dozens of random colors, sizes, styles and sayings and Koozies (would give you 2 koozies in place of 1 shirt). So to make it fun, I've marked them way down and am doing Blind Bags!
No returns. No exchanges. You get what you get!
Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy your surprise!!
XOXO - Tristan